INNOPROM Cultural Program

Duration: 120 minutes
Hall 1
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    The Governor of the Sverdlovsk region traditionally hosts a reception in the format of a music evening at the end of INNOPROM. We decided to preserve this tradition and finish the business program with a “cultural event” with a free access for everyone as an extra bonus.

    The participants and the audience of the business day will see the performance of two Ural bands whose authentic art combines Caribbean motives and Jamaican ska (Lollypop Lorry band) or vibrant brass with jazz and funk style (Nuggers band). Thus, the organizers of the event will support 2 bands from Ekaterinburg during these difficult times for the music industry.

    The viewers can expect a lot of surprises during the evening. Online guests who know and love Ekaterinburg will brighten the event with their stories and art. Each guest has their own legend.

    Stay with us for the evening cultural program of INNOPROM: there will be a lot of music, interesting stories, bright moments and emotions.


    Lollypop Lorry
    It’s safe to say that every citizen of Ekaterinburg who is interested in city news, events and cultural life is familiar with this name.
    All of this for a good reason — the band has been active for almost 12 years and has become one of a few groups that started with small gigs in tiny clubs of Ekaterinburg and now perform at huge world-class venues.
    Just recently the band has returned from their Mexican tour, which makes them the only Ural group that has performed overseas.
    It is not surprising that with this level of experience Lollypop Lorry is one of the most relevant ska-bands in the world that releases vinyl records and has millions of views on Youtube.

    Stylish and powerful brass band


    Singer-songwriter, frontman of Romario band that plays “guitar-sexual bardcore”. For more than 10 years he has been writing songs for major Russian rock artists: Valery Syutkin, Alexander Kutikov, Evgeny Margulis, Alexander Ivanov and many others.

    Alexey Ivashchenko
    Singer-songwriter, actor, guitarist. One half of the creative duo Ivasi. Co-author of Nord Ost musical.

Arseny Negodyaev
Ural Music Night Coordinator, Author of RadioCidre Telegram Channel
Lubov Bondarenko
Ural Music Night Organization Committee
Lollypop Lorry band
One of the most relevant ska bands of the planet
Stylish and powerful brass band
Singer-songwriter Romario
Frontman of Romario band
Alexey Ivashchenko
Singer-songwriter, actor, guitarist
Super Secret Guest
The name and work of this person and their band have been interwoven with Ekaterinburg for the past 35 years. Our guest will exclusively talk about the results of the previous 3 months and, of course, will sing everyone’s favourite song.
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