Abinsk Electrometullurgical Company

AEMC is a modern electrometallurgical plant producing over 1.5 tons of steel per year.


AEMC is a modern electrometallurgical plant producing over 1.5 tons of steel per year. The facilities include a steel shop, two long product rolling mills with overall production rate over 1.2 millions of tons per year, and a hardware shop for hi-tech products with the production rate over 210.000 tons per year.

AEMC is one of the biggest industrial exporters in the Southern Federal District of Russia with its own large-scale investment program.

Company news

In the end of 2019, AEMC launched the second hi-tech metalware production line. In 2020, the plans are to launch a new rolling mill for wired rod and reinforcing wire with the production rate of 500 tons per year. The company also started digital transformation and began the adaptation of a smart material surveillance system.

Competitive advantages

The flexible order placement system and advanced logistics allow for the quickest delivery by any means of transportation.

The favorable location close to a sea port in the city of Novorossiysk, Russia, gives access to the global market.

State of the art equipment and the option for customization.

Detailed range of products

  1. Bar stock (reinforcing bars, wired rod, reinforcing wire, square, round, and hexagonal billets).
  2. Metalware (zinc-plated wire, welding copper wire, cold-bended reinforcing bars).
  3. Square steel billets.
  4. Oxygen, argon, nitrogen.
  5. Delivery by ground or rail with the company’s own transport.
  6. Recycling of iron-and-steel waste.

Company motto: “To produce the best for the whole world”.

Nikolai Besedin, Director General:

«We are continuously improving our performance and commercial interactions. Our partners can count on the most flexible and correct approach to their needs».

AEMC Catalogue

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