АO “Energiya”

АО “Energiya” is one of the major producers of chemical sources of electric energy.


AO “Energia” company is one of the major producers of chemical sources of electric energy. Also, during the last 10 years AO “Energiya” has been producing and shipping shop fixtures and fittings, as well as metal products to Russian market and markets of CIS countries.

Strategies of АО “Energia” development:

  • reinvestment of profit into development and renovation of the production facilities
  • diversification of production
  • development of human resources (upgrading of the employees` skills, target trainings for youth)
  • import substitution politics
  • constant modernization of production
  • close cooperation with Research and Development enterprises regarding design process and development of new sources of electric energy
  • it`s possible to customize the products being produced in accordance with technical requirements of the customer

Company news

Today АО “Energiya” is more than 400 main kind brands of 19 electrochemical systems products.

The newly designed products produced by us characterized by seamless operation in the wide range of temperatures, as well as characterized by high discharging current and long terms of storage up to 10 years. In addition to this our products are highly competitive with foreign analogues. The newly designed products are the following sources of current:

  • element FR14G505 with typical АА size of electrochemical system of lithium disulfide of iron;
  • element CR34615 with typical size D of electrochemical system of lithium dioxide of manganese;
  • element FR10G445 (FR03) with typical ААА size (analogue of 286 element) of system of lithium disulfide of iron.

In 2017 a quality certificate was obtained for the element FR14G505 within the program “100 best goods of Russia”.

In 2020 production of accumulator ЛИП-72, ЛИЦ-3 with typical sizes 18650 was organized. The accumulators are designed for usage in the following fields: electro transport, drones, systems of energy accumulation for homes, offices, health care institutions and others, as well as sources of uninterruptable power supply. We perform works on replacement of lead and acid accumulator batteries in uninterrupted power supply of the cellular operators. Tests and trial operations of lithium-ion cylinder accumulators ICR 14/51 (standard size 14500) were held successfully, the equipment being used for usage in rehabilitation equipment, such as prostheses.

Competitive advantages

Advantages of cooperation with АО “Energia”

  • More than 75 years of experience in the field of production of electrical energy sources meant for civil usage and special purposes
  • State-of-the-art, high-tech and reliable equipment
  • Production system up and running, enabling us to produce our products within limited time terms
  • High quality of products, our products are highly competitive
  • Research, development and engineering basis enabling us to customize our products in accordance with the requirements of our customers.
  • Low prime cost of the products, flexible pricing.
  • Convenient location of the production facilities, near the federal highway М4. The distance from Moscow is less than 400 km.

Products produced by us are hi-tech, reliable and provide long term of exploitation under conditions of intense usage.

Detailed range of products

Designing and production:

  • Electrochemical condensers
  • Li-ion of accumulator battery
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Thermal battery
  • Light and optical electric power plant

Vladimir Mikhailovich Ivanov, General Manager of АО “Energiya”

Vladimir Alexandrovich Arkhipenko, chair of board of АО “Energiya”


Alexey Nizkous
Deputy Director General for Marketing, AO “Energia”
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Ivan Fomin
Chief Engineer, AO “Energia”
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