The science-and-production firm ATI specializes in development and mass production of devices and building blocks of management and automation systems for agricultural, construction and automotive equipment.


Founded in 1991, ATI specializes in development and mass production of devices and building blocks of management and automation systems for agricultural, construction and automotive equipment. The company arranges the mass supply of control elements for tractors made by Promtractor, Uraltrac, Kazanselmash. Recently it has finished developing and begun supplying control elements for combine harvesters to the OJSC Gomselmash.


In 2020 the company has finished developing the management system for the entire lineup of combine harvesters made by the OJSC Gomselmash. It includes the control units for the harvesters and the lights, the on-board control system and the control lever. Autonomous and field testing has been completed, and a contract for the mass supply of equipment starting in 2020 has been signed.

Competitive advantages

ATI stands out thanks to a high level of professionalism, quality, efficiency and transparency at every stage of development and production. The development and preparation of production are funded by the firm itself.

The high level and manufacturability of developments along with the automation of production wherever possible enable the company to ensure the lowest prices and the fastest production time possible, and a high level of quality and reliability. The company employs highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in developing the aforementioned products. ATI has its own production line, certified as conforming to the international system of quality management and boasting modern automated equipment.

The full range of production

The primary products of ATI are: dashboards, controllers, control units, information panels, graphic terminal modules with up-to-12 inch LCD sensor screens. At the final stages of development is a control panel for a rear-mounted loader on tractors with any pulling force.

Vladimir Uksusov, CEO


Sergey Gruzdev
Marketing Director, ATI
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