Biomicrogel uses biomicrogels produced from natural raw materials to manufacture reagents.


Since 2012, BMG has been developing and manufacturing environmentally safe products based on its own patented innovation, biomicrogels®, in three primary variants:

  1. reagents (coagulants, flocculants, sorbent) for cleaning industrial wastewater and hard surfaces from oil, fats and oil products, cleaning up oil spills, and separating (cleaning) coolant lubricants;
  2. reagents for extracting oils and cleaning (washing) oil-contaminated soil;
  3. reagents for producing household and industrial washing cleaning products.

In 2014, the company became a participant of the Skolkovo Institute.

The company’s activities are aimed at solving global environmental problems that include the worldwide clean water deficit, man-made pollution of soil and water, and the harmful impact of cleaning products on humans and the environment. The company has developed the Biomicrogels®, which are suitable for bulk production, using natural and accessible raw materials (cellulose, pectin, etc.) and with the purpose of expanding the areas of practical application for this group of substances. 

The Biomicrogels project underwent two stages and received a Seal of Excellence from the innovation funding program Horizon 2020. It became a winner at Poland’s largest oil and gas accelerator, Startup Poland Poland 2020, and at Russia’s largest accelerator, Severstal SteelTech Accelerator 2019.


All the reagents and the technology of their production were developed during 2018 and 2019. 

In 2019, BMG “sample kits” were produced from the initial batches for clients to perform lab tests and evaluate demand potential. A prototype of a “bag” was created from the BMG SPILLTEX® FOS filter fabric to encapsulate oil products in bodies of water. The prototype was sent for testing to Elastec (USA). 

The primary goal is to implement Biomicrogels®-based technologies which have already been extensively lab-tested via testing them in real conditions. For those purposes we will utilize our partners’ capacities and resources that have been gained following 2019’s exhibitions (Aquatech in the Netherlands, Spillcon in Australia and Inapalm in Indonesia) and during Rotterdam’s PortXL acceleration program, which is the one organizing and supervising implementing exercises up to the signing of sales contracts worldwide.

In 2019, production of WONDER LAB household and industrial detergents based on Biomicrogels® was launched.

Competitive advantages

The primary competitive advantages of the company are the products and technology that possess uniquely distinguishing features and are protected by a large patent portfolio both in Russia and abroad. 

Universality: effective separation of stable oil-in-water emulsions, purification of water from animal fats, mineral oils, oil and oil products. Compatibility with any equipment and materials. 

High efficiency: ability to lower the concentration of contaminating components to below 0,1 mg/l. Instantaneous reaction and precipitate formation. The product works with high and low concentrations of contaminating materials, is effective in a wide range of temperatures and pH values. 

Low cost of use: low logistics costs, low dosages required due to high concentration of the active substance. Long shelf life.

Economic benefit: the product works even in low dosages, requires neither special equipment nor additional investments into advancing the technology. 

Environmental safety: no toxic impact on seaweeds and microorganisms living in the water. The reagents, produced from organic raw materials, are 100% biodegradable (99% in the first 24 hours).

The full range of production

The Biomicrogels® product range is meant for the following industries:

  1. The oil industry and oil refining: cleaning of wastewater from oil products, oils, additives; 
  2. Metallurgy and mechanical engineering: separation/disposal of coolant lubricants used in rolling processes.
  3. The food industry: cleaning of oil- and fats-filled wastwater. One of the Biomicrogel® products improves the extraction of palm and olive oils. 
  4. Cleaning of municipal enterprises’ water (storm water). 
  5. Cleaning of gas stations and car washes’ wastewater, using a coagulant to remove POL and oil products. 
  6. Recycling of grease.
  7. Other industries that involve purification of water and decomposition of oil and fat emulsions. 

Our slogan: “Russia’s first innovative designer and manufacturer of natural raw materials-based reagents under the brand name Biomicrogels®. Biomicrogels® — nature trusts us!”

Andrei Yelagin, Ph.D, founder and CEO:

Greetings to the participants of the International industrial exhibition INNOPROM-2020. Our cutting-edge technology company offers innovative solutions based on our own patented developments for a wide variety of industries. We are always ready to collaborate on solving the most ambitious tasks for the purpose of implementing effective and environmentally friendly technologies.

Alexander Yagupov
Deputy Director for Science and Development, Biomicrogel
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