Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant

Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant (EZOCM) performs a full range of precious metals refining and processing services, and manufactures industrial products from gold, silver and platinum group metals.


Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant (EZOCM) performs a full range of precious metals refining and processing services, and manufactures industrial products from gold, silver and platinum group metals.

The plant went into operation on October 23, 1916, and became the first in Russia to manufacture technical products from precious metals. 

Today EZOCM is a modern, efficient private enterprise with a history of development spanning over a century. In 2016, an international group of companies united under the Plaurum umbrella brand was created on the foundation of EZOCM. The enterprise specializes in the manufacture of products for technical use and semifinished products from platinum group metals, gold, silver and their alloys.

These products and semifinished products are used in chemical, glass, automotive, construction, medical, electrical, instrument engineering, mechanical engineering, mining and other industries, as well as in the production of composite materials.

The product range includes more than 300,000 products made of precious metals and alloys for industrial use. 

The company offers its Russian and international customers new goods based on advanced research and development technologies and made to satisfy their ever-increasing demands for high-quality product.


In 2019, EZOCM expanded its range to include a number of new types of products for the appliance and nuclear industries, and modernized its wiredrawing, forging and analytical lab equipment.

In addition, the plant expanded its geography of sales, exporting its goods to Vietnam and Taiwan for the first time. 

EZOCM has successfully been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard.

Competitive advantages

Over a century’s worth of experience working with precious metals, highly qualified personnel, use of up-to-date equipment and a modern analytical framework enable EZOCM to manufacture a wide range of unique and competitive technical products and semifinished products.

The full range of production

  1. Industrial products made of gold, silver and platinum group metals: flat-rolled products; catalytic systems designed for nitric acid, prussic acid and hydroxylamine production; gauzes made of precious metals; solders made of precious metals-based alloys; products from iridium and iridium-based alloys, viz. crucibles, discs and wire; targets for surface coatings made of precious metals; wire, incl. thermocouple wire; crucibles and equipment for optical glass manufacturing; labware made of precious metals; glass melters and bushings for manufacturing fiberglass and basalt fiber; tubes and contact items made of precious metals; standard bars of gold, silver, platinum and palladium; minted bars of gold and silver; powders and granules of gold and silver; precision products made of precious and base metals; chemical compounds of platinum group metals; reference materials.
  2. Refining of raw materials containing precious metals (minerals, secondary raw materials).
  3. Analytical services: 
    • chemical analysis of samples containing precious metals;
    • manufacturing of reference materials of precious metals, their alloys and materials containing precious metals; 
    • checking the qualification of testing labs via inter-laboratory comparison studies.

Our slogan: “Brave ideas. Noble solutions”

Alexander Sakharov, EZOCM commercial director:

Greetings to all participants of the international industrial exhibition Innoprom Online!

Our present prescribes us new formats of interaction. The epidemiological situation is driving up the popularity of online projects around the world. 
We are glad to have an opportunity to participate in a new kind of Innoprom. We have no doubt that it is an excellent opportunity to share our experiences and establish new business partnerships.

I hope the work of the organizers and participants of Innoprom Online proves fruitful, and they find success in realizing their objectives

Alexander Sakharov
Director for Commercial Affairs, Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant
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