ООО “FOTEK” develops and produces hi-tech medical equipment for holding of all kinds of surgical operations and for surgical treatment.


Since 1995 “FOTEK” company has been developing and producing hi-tech medical equipment for holding of all kinds of surgical operations and for surgical treatment.

Years of market presence and steady demand, as well as quality of the products being produced enabled the company to launch its own assembly factory and mechanical production, and to boost shipments up to 1 500 devices per year and to earn doctors` loyalty.

Together with top-level scientists and practicing doctors of our country and of foreign countries more than 200 textbooks, articles and recommendations were published, dozens of dissertations were defended. Postgraduate courses managed by professors and heads of chairs in different medical colleges of our country are being held on regular basis. The purpose is to widely use in practice new medical technologies, to use equipment effectively and adequately.

Today “FOTEK” is a fast-growing enterprise, the products of which meet the most modern surgery requirements and compete successfully with foreign analogs. Quality management system is certified in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2015 и ISO 13485:2016.

One can see company equipment at the most prestigious exhibitions like Medica (Germany) и Arab Health (United Arab Emirates). Due to the fact that the company takes part in such exhibitions, the demand of foreign partners from Middle East and South-East Asia has grown. Among the plans of the company are shipments Demonstration units, concluding dealer agreements and geographic growth of shipments.

We constantly improve our products by following modern world trends in field development and by close cooperation with specialists and scientists from medical academies, as well as Russian and foreign research and development centers.

Company news

1. In 2020 the company launches state of the art devices, which have undergone registration successfully:

  • Multipurpose electrosurgical system ONYX with a touch-screen and a set of recommended programs for different surgical practices, including usage of argon plasma coagulation, as well as including an opportunity to save customized settings;

  • Advanced ultrasonic cavitation system ACTITON, designed for treatment of inflammatory diseases in such fields of medicine as purulent surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and ENT field. The specialty comprises of unique methods of treatment, in particular in the fields of female infertility and prolapse complications treatment, which was confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

2. Based on the results of 2019 “FOTEK” was honored with nomination “Export guru” at the competition “Best exporter of the Sverdlovsk Region 2019”, which was held by Sverdlovsk region fund of entrepreneur support.

3. For the first time ООО “FOTEK” took part in crucial major world exhibitions like Expomed 2019 (Istanbul, Turkey), Medica 2019 (Dusseldorf, Germany) and Arab Health 2020 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), also in Baku and in Tashkent.

Competitive advantages

  1. Wide range of equipment, including devices with minimal basic mode sets, as well as including multipurpose devices with high capacity for usage in all the surgery fields.
  2. The range of products includes a high-demand device with a touch-screen and an option of preserving personalized programs or with an option of choice among recommended modes covering all the surgery fields.
  3. An option to use argon plasma coagulation.
  4. Wide range of electrodes of different shapes and configurations for electrosurgery, including non-stick electrodes for ligation of large vessels, for endoscopic and laparoscopic operations.
  5. An option of connecting electrosurgical instruments made by other producers to FOTEK units.
  6. An extensively used unique ultrasonic cavitation system with a confirmed therapeutic effect, our own acknowledged methods of inflammation treatment with the help of ACTITON device use.
  7. Availability of scientific and methodological basis, textbooks and scientific works with recommendations on devices usage, with operations examples and with patent-protected technologies.
  8. Submitting educational courses in all available forms (internal study mode/external study mode), including our own clinical site, in classes, as well as taking part in educational courses hold by practicing doctors in charge.

Company honors

  1. Region competition “Best exporter of the Sverdlovsk region”, 2019. OOO “FOTEK” is the winner in the nomination “Export guru”.
  2. A diploma for participation in an international exhibition “Healthcare 2019” (Russia, Moscow).
  3. A diploma for an active taking part in work of VI Russian conference with international participation: “Perinatal medicine: from preconception preparation up to healthy motherhood and childhood”, 2020.

Detailed range of products

  • Electrosurgical units
  • Monopolar electrosurgical instruments
  • Electrosurgical instruments for argon coagulation
  • Bipolar electrosurgical instruments
  • Connecting cables
  • Accessories
  • Ultrasonic cavitation system
  • Endosurgery units

Company motto: “Keep saving health...”

Alexander Vladimirovich Maleev, director


Arina Balakina
Foreign Trade Manager, ООО “FOTEK”
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