Russian manufacturer of cutting-edge light equipment.


Geniled has been designing and manufacturing modern LED lamps and lighting equipment under its own brand since 2010. Those working at the company believe that light impacts the quality of life, which is why they do everything in their power to perfect it. Geniled strives to fully meet the market needs when it comes to quality lighting for home, office and industrial use.

High quality and up-to-date design form the basis of the Geniled brand.


The company’s manufacturing processes have seen some change in compliance with the international system of quality management. It is the policy of Geniled to guarantee to its clients a consistent quality of output. For that reason, this May the company received a ISO 9001-2015 certification.

The entire 2019 was dedicated to developing new products:

  • The company’s first mobile app, launching this July. It will allow users to control the Geniled strip light with their voice, as well as customize the color of the light, dynamic lighting and even the light alarm clock.
  • The company’s pride and its most important new release: the Geniled Optimus street-industrial lamp. This universal modular lamp was designed by the company’s own engineering department.
  • The dome-like Geniled Kolokol lamp, a practical and reliable solution to the task of introducing a quality lighting system to an industrial facility. Serves as replacement for outdated HID and mercury-vapor lamps.
  • Lamps developed specifically for the Clip-In and Rockfon ceiling systems and for rack ceilings.

Competitive advantages

Geniled is a leader on the LED market. In our dealer network there are over 200 dealers all over Russia, as well as in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia. The main Geniled storage facility is located in Ekaterinburg. Regional storage facilities are located in Kazan, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Vladivostok.

The company manufactures a wide-ranging assortment of light sources that provide greater value for money than those of its competitors. All Geniled products are certified. The presence of a manufacturing facility in Ekaterinburg makes it possible to alter the characteristics of products according to the customer’s demands, as well as minimize delivery time.

To our partners we offer:

  • a personal manager;
  • an in-depth introduction to the distinctive features of the products;
  • free technical-economic calculations in DiaLux;
  • a chance to implement energy service contracts

The full range of products

The Geniled assortment includes LED lights, lamps and illumination devices.

  1. Lamps and searchlights stand out thanks to high levels of energy efficiency, which make it possible to save on electric bills and keep operational costs low. Warranty up to 5 years.

    The catalogue is made up of over 4,000 units. They include LED lamps for outdoors, industrial, logistical, construction and sports grounds and for office, shopping and hospital spaces, as well as emergency, low-voltage and motion-activated lights.
  2. The lamps are divided into those for home and commercial use. Thanks to the high color rendering index of 82, the lighting from Geniled lamps does not distort the color of objects it illuminates. The absence of pulsation is beneficial for one’s sight and overall well-being. Three-year warranty on all lamps.
  3. Illumination. Here are the universally known 12V and 24V strip lights, as well all components necessary to control the lighting. Application limited solely by imagination.

Our slogan: “20 years of shining brightly!”

Konstantin Vagin, founder and CEO of Geniled:

“ We invite you to our showroom to learn more about professional lighting. For us, INNOPROM is an opportunity to learn about new technologies in the international market and share experience. 
I hope that each participant will be able to find like-minded people and future partners interested in his ideas. 

Liliya Husainova
Brand Manager, Geniled
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