Hermes-Ural, LLC

Hermes-Ural, LLC is one of the leading machine building companies in Russia and the CIS engaged in the production of tanks and pressure vessels.


Hermes-Ural, LLC is a machine building company founded in Ekaterinburg in 2004. Today it is one of the leaders among small enterprises of Russia and the CIS engaged in the production of tanks and pressure vessels.

The company has its own manufacturing facility, consisting of a workshop for the production of tanks and pressure vessels; workshops for the production of heads for tanks and pressure vessels; machinе workshops. Hermes-Ural, LLC has its own design-engineering department and a non-destructive testing laboratory. The company provides fully integrated production using only modern European equipment, which guarantees the high quality of products.

In 2020, the company’s customers include 600 enterprises of the metallurgical, engineering and other industries. The company is actively working on the export development, delivering products to Europe and the CIS.

Company news

As a participant of the export accelerator at the export support center, Hermes-Ural, LLC entered into an export contract at the end of December 2019, and at the beginning of 2020 delivered elliptical heads to the Osipovichi Transport Engineering Plant of the Republic of Belarus.

Competitive advantages

  • Fully integrated works.
  • Modern German equipment and technologies.
  • European quality standards.
  • Development of design, engineering and technological documentation in accordance with PB 03 584 03 standard.
  • All equipment is manufactured in accordance with GOST, OST standards and technical specifications.
  • Strength calculations in accordance with GOST 34233.1.....12 2017, GOST 34283 2017.
  • Customized projects of non-standard apparatuses working under pressure, according to the technical specifications and the data received from the customer.
  • ISO, OHSAS, TR CU certificates
  • Certified procedure, production and specialists in accordance with the National Agency for Testing and Welding
  • Certified laboratory and specialists of non-destructive testing.
  • Warranty and passport are provided for all products.

Detailed range of products:

  • Tanks and vessels for the receipt, storage and delivery of gas and liquid (including hazardous, explosive and flammable substances) under the nominal pressure of 0,6; 1,0 и 1,6 Mpag;

  • industrial, gas and filter separators, designed to separate the initial mixture into fractions for oil and gas refining;

  • BUON oil dehydration apparatuses, BDn oil degassing buffers;

  • delivery and storage vessels;

  • ground and underground storage vessels for various substances: alkalis, petrol, oil and oil products;

  • Filters (FOV) with the diameter up to 3,400 mm and the working pressure of 0.6 MPag;

  • heads for tanks and pressure vessels with the diameter of up to 3,400 mm.

Company’s motto: to guarantee the continuity and growth of the company through the satisfaction of all parties interested: our customers, our employees, our shareholders

Roman Borisovich Gostyukhin, CEO, Hermes-Ural, LLC:

In the current situation, we must all move with the times, and participation in INNOPROM online only confirms this. I am sure that this format of the exhibition should gather a larger number of participants from Russia and abroad, which contributes to the promotion of products and finding new partners

Sergey Cheremnykh
Director of External Communications, Hermes-Ural, LLC
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