ООО "Hydront"

ООО “Hydront” provides Russian machine building enterprises with high-quality hydraulic equipment for a hydrostatic power drive.


“Hydront” company was founded in 2005, the purpose of company foundation was to provide Russian machine building enterprises with high-quality hydraulic equipment for a hydrostatic power drive.

Today the production of hydraulic distributors, valves and valve units of our own design is smoothly functioning, as well as assembly plant where the WALVOIL products (Italy) are being produced.

Designers realize projects in development of fluid-power circuits of hydrostatic power drive, choice of components and hydraulic power systems of the projects being realized already.

The equipment is being installed on road construction equipment, special vehicles, farm machinery, Marine Vehicles, it is also used in industry, at material mining equipment and oil and gas refining equipment, at mobile lifting platforms and in many other fields, where it is necessary to use a hydraulic drive.

Company news

ООО “Hydront” presents new products:

  • Brake valve of flange mounting К1Т150105010Н0
    Nominal flow rate 150 l/min., pressure 350 bar. Designed for installation on engines of lifting winch of truck-mounted cranes. This valve makes mounting easier and enables us to perform emergency (manual) lowering of the cargo.

  • Valve of pipe hook torque К1Б0022Н0
    Nominal flow rate 160 l/min., pressure 400 bar. Designed for torque of hook assembly during autocrane movement — transferring autocrane into transport position. Vast range of valve regulation varies from 2 MPa (20 bar) up to 40 MPa (400 bar) and enables to use this valve in any autocranes, as well as in hydraulic systems, at which it is necessary to work with two different pressures.

  • Valve of fan drive group К1Б0004Н0
    Nominal flow rate 120 l/min. Designed for a smooth start and stop of the fan, as well as for a smooth opposite rotational direction. It can be used for refrigerating systems and combine fan drives and for other road vehicles and agricultural machines.

  • Valve of screw-in mounting Р1М160.001.00
    It is designed for installation into distributors and for usage in production of OOO “Hydront”, as well as for foreign producers. The valve enables to provide a parallel connection of distributors with flow-rate 160 l/min. and 45 l/min. from one fixed pump.

  • Distributor Р1С160/4 with the function of hook torque
    Nominal flow rate 160 l/min., pressure 315 bar. It is used for crane operations of autocranes movement. It is completed with a valve of hook torque, the valve provides hook torque during transferring of the autocrine into transport position. Hook torque is being made with lowered pressure. As an option one can install an electroproportional valve for process pressure control during different kinds of work. It decreases the prime cost in comparison with torque valve, which is installed in the line.

  • Brake valve of winch К1Т150105012Н0
    Nominal flow rate 150 l/min., pressure 350 bar. It is installed on hydraulic engine of winch, with port terminals located in coplanar. It includes brake valve, providing smooth start of winch rotation and smooth stop of rotation, as well as an “OR” valve designed for feed of control signal to mechanical brake, as well as a faucet, which provides emergency rotation of winch.

  • Flanged brake valve with double action for gerotor motors К1Т60Д012ФН3ВС
    Nominal flow rate 60 l/min., pressure 350 bar. Main usage is for winches with gerotor hydraulic motor. It is a complete analog of valves produced by foreign producers.

  • Brake cartridge type valve К1Т6001У3В
    Nominal flow rate 60 l/min., pressure 350 bar. It is designed and produced for those customers, who produce special-type slabs and valve units.

Competitive advantage

OOO “Hydron” products are complete full-featured analogs of foreign products, without quality or functions loss. One can use a vast range of functions in one and the same time, functions providing main process operations as well as auxiliary operations.

Implementation of OOO “Hydront” wor-pieces into a fluid-power circuit makes the work easier on the whole, in addition to this it can enlarge the number of the machine functions by combining the operations (digging machine will be able to lift the excavator bucket and at the same time turn it and so on.)

Market advantages:

  • High quality due to constant quality control from Quality Control Department.

  • Small dimensions, this is also an important criteria. As these work-pieces are installed not only at large-format vehicles, very often the space is limited.

  • Multitask capability: main operations and auxiliary operations are combined in the work-pieces, previously these work operations were being provided by several other units.

  • Hydraulic control valves are assembled in Russia with the help of foreign components, this decreases the time for work-pieces shipment. Now Russian cast is being worked out, which in its turn will enable the company to increase the amount of Russian components and to enter the market with a 100 percent foreign analog without quality loss, with an adequate price policy and fast reparation.

Detailed range of products

Since 2019 “Hydront” company systematically ships foreign suppliers` products and products produced by the company itself for export. Such workpieces as brake valves, pilot-operated check valves, blocks of autocrane hook torque, hydraulic control valves, pumps and many others.

At present time seven designers work at design office. They all have specialized education and major experience in designing of any kinds of fluid power systems, as well as launching into production work-pieces made with the help of our own design documentation as well as in accordance with the customer`s documentation.

At present time the design office works at development of valves and valve units in accordance with the technical assignments of the customer and taking into account OOO “Hydront`s” ability to produce.

Company motto: “ООО ‘Hydront’: reliable hydraulics for you”

Vladimir Alexandrovich Ejzov, General Manager and chief designer:

We greet you at the online exhibition ‘INNOPROM-2020’. We suggest that you would consider our abilities in machine building, in the field of hydraulic equipment and completing units

Konstantin Smirnov
Sales Manager, ООО “Hydront”
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ООО "Hydront"
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