i-TOR deals with development and production of revolutionary line of equipment for revenue metering.


i-TOR company deals with development and production of revolutionary line of equipment for revenue metering. The innovation of the product is that it enables you to organize revenue metering in accordance with 522 ФЗ at any given point of electrical network, exactly at the place, where one needs this equipment, including power transmission line support. Previously it was impossible, when using traditional solutions. In addition to this the use of i-TOR apparatuses enables you to economize up to 50 percent on organizing a revenue metering spot.

Company exists since May 2015. Since May 2015 the project is included into “Skolkovo” energocluster. A part of research works of the company was supported by the Fund of support towards development of small enterprises dealing with science and technology field. Currently a line of apparatuses for networks ranging from 6 up to 100 kV is being produced. The technical performance of the equipment is different.

Competitive advantages

  • An opportunity to economize up to 50 percent of organization costs of the revenue metering spot, in comparison with traditional solutions.
  • The equipment`s ability to function at any space position.
  • An ability to organize revenue metering at any given point of the network.
  • Small dimensions and weight.
  • Environmental resistance: ferroresonant phenomena.
  • Absence of maintenance checks.
  • Explosion safety and flame safety. There is no risk.  
  • Availability of a confirmed ISO 9001" certificate.

Detailed range of products

  • I-TOR-110S is a spot of revenue metering in the network with 110 kV which enables to organize highly accurate revenue metering of power at the border of balance sheet attribution. I-TOR-110S may be installed at any given point of electrical network including power transmission line support. It is distinguished for its small size and weight, ability to work at any given room or space and safety.
  • e-TOR-110 is analogous to a stepdown transformer. It is designed for the power supply of telemetering and relay protection devices, communication equipment, revenue metering points and other similar equipment. It is installed at power transmission line support or output cable supporting structures.

  • i-TOR-35 enables efficient metering of electricity with an accuracy of 0.2 exactly at the border of balance sheet attribution with nominal voltage 35 kV. its distinctive feature is the ability to be installed anywhere in the electrical network. The device may be assembled not only at an electrical substation, but also at anchor support.

  • I-TOR-6 (24) is an innovative device for voltage measurement in networks with 6-24 kV. It does not require expansion or modification of existing electrical cabinets. The devices may be used to organize metering in a cell with air insulation and in gas-insulated monoblocks (i-TOR 6 (24) U series).

Andrey Stanislavovich Medvedev, General Manager


Andrey Medvedev
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