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About the region

The Sverdlovsk region is the largest territory of the Urals with rich history and great potential for development.

The industrial production center of the country with developed economy is the best place for implementing manufacturing projects, specifically for innovative products.

Dozens of world-renowned enterprises, hundreds of large factories in the Sverdlovsk region are ready to establish mutually beneficial cooperation both in terms of acquiring raw materials and production distribution.

The high level of business, cultural and social activity of the region's residents ensures its involvement in significant global events, turning the Sverdlovsk region into a new event capital of Russia.

The great workforce capacity and high scientific potential of the Sverdlovsk region accounts for the stable growth and development of high-tech innovative projects in various sectors of the economy.

The concentration of industrial production in the Sverdlovsk region is 4 times higher than the national average.

The key and most promising industrial sectors in the region:

  • metal products, tools, technological equipment manufacture;
  • oil, gas and power engineering;
  • building materials and paints;
  • polymer production;
  • medical equipment.

The Sverdlovsk region attracts Russian and foreign companies as it is situated at the intersection of the main transport flows of the country; it is the perfect location for the federal and global companies’ warehouses. The Sverdlovsk region is listed among the leading export regions of the Russian Federation.

A great amount of government support provided to enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region both by federal and regional development institutions allows investors to find the most favorable conditions for the project implementation.

Region News

The Sverdlovsk region has recently solidified and improved its positions in various rankings:

  1. On April 19, 2019, the Fitch Ratings International Rating Agency changed its forecast for the Sverdlovsk Region from ‘Stable’ to ‘Positive’ and confirmed the long-term issuer default rating of the region in national and foreign currencies on BB+ Level. The current issue rating was also confirmed on BB+ Level.
  2. The rating agency Expert assigned the credit rating of the Sverdlovsk region according to the Russian national scale at ruAA-, the outlook is “Stable”, and ratings of bond issues are affirmed at ruAA-. The long-term rating was assigned to the Sverdlovsk region for the first time, and it shows the high level of creditworthiness / financial reliability / financial stability of the region in comparison with other rating objects in the Russian Federation.
  3. 3rd place at ROSINFRA National Infrastructure Award, nomination “Best PPP project in the municipal system” with the project “Reconstruction of heat supply facilities and the centralized hot water supply system in the city of Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk Region”.
  4. According to the Expert rating agency, the Sverdlovsk region occupies the first place in terms of the volume of loans issued at state microfinance organizations.
  5. The research of PWC and the Calvert 22 Foundation has shown: Ekaterinburg holds the fourth place in Russia after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan by a level of creative capital. The rating is based on five core modules — city, people, business, authorities and brands. Ekaterinburg has taken the first place in the country by indicators of ‘government transparency’ and ‘media presence’ and the second place — by available creative resources.
  6. The Sverdlovsk Region took an honorable 1st place at the VIII National award in the field of event tourism “Russian Event Awards 2019” against more than 200 projects from 51 regions of Russia and several projects from foreign countries.
  7. In 2019 the Sverdlovsk Region won an award in the “Event Locomotive” nomination as a productive MICE region at the Russian Business Travel & MICE Award established by the National Congress Bureau of Russia.
  8. The Sverdlovsk region took the 7th place in the National Tourism Rating presented by “Rating”, Information Center for Communications, and “Vacation in Russia” magazine.
  9. In 2019 the Sverdlovsk region took the 2nd place in the rating of the event potential of the Russian regions after St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, according to the R&C Exhibition and Research Center.
  10. In the field of development of small and medium-sized enterprises: in a study conducted by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia in cooperation with the RBC-TV, the Sverdlovsk Region took the 9th place as one of the most efficient regions in terms of informing entrepreneurs about business development opportunities and affordable government support measures.

International Events

In 2019 the Sverdlovsk region has been the center of major international events. The region successfully hosted the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit with the participation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the INNOPROM International Industrial Exhibition, the World Boxing Championship, and the World Cities Day sponsored by UN-Habitat. A significant and long-awaited event for residents of the entire region was the victory in the competition for the right to host the World Summer Universiade in Ekaterinburg in 2023.

In 2019, the construction of the brand new Congress Center on the site of the IEC Ekaterinburg-Expo was completed, making the Sverdlovsk Region one of the three leaders among Russian regions (along with Moscow and St. Petersburg) in terms of quality of the venues for global business, cultural and sports events, which will certainly serve as a powerful incentive for increasing business activity in the Sverdlovsk region and will bring tangible results for the regional economy.


It is worth noting that 2019 for the Sverdlovsk region was the year when the national project "Culture" was implemented and developed in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 7, 2018. Throughout the year, the Ministry of Culture of the Sverdlovsk Region built a system of managing three regional projects in the field of culture, which is in turn a part of the regional system of managing national projects.

The widespread introduction of innovations and new technological solutions contributed to the enhanced accessibility of cultural benefits and the development of competition. The involvement of non-profit organizations in the provision of services made the cultural environment more saturated, meeting the growing needs of the individuals and the society on the whole.

Real Estate

The previous year was also record-setting for the construction industry in the Sverdlovsk Region, thanks to the implementation of the Housing project. The region reached a historical maximum in the number of houses under construction. The implementation of the project has become one of the priority tasks. As a result, the level of development of new housing in the Sverdlovsk region has reached the highest level in the entire history of observations, and the municipal improvement indicators have exceeded the plans by several times.

Economic and Social Development

In 2019 the Sverdlovsk Region solidified its position among the leading regions of the Russian Federation by main indicators of economic and social development. The region retained the position in the top ten constituent entities of the Russian Federation (6th place), which account for 53% of the total volume of shipped industrial products of the country (share of the Sverdlovsk region — 3%).


The industrial production index of the Sverdlovsk region is growing annually, the regional economy is steadily demonstrating positive dynamics.
For instance, the industrial production index for the full range of organizations, according to the Federal State Statistic Service in the Sverdlovsk region, in 2019 reached 101.7%.

In the leading industry of the region — metallurgy — the index was 102.6%. The volume of industrial products shipped for a full range of organizations in the Sverdlovsk region in 2019 amounted to 2,406.1 billion rubles.

Rapid growth was recorded in the production of vehicles and equipment — an increase of 12.5%, motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers — by 6%, in the production of computers, electronic and optical products — by 4.4%. The production of tank wagons has significantly increased — by 4.4 times, of aircrafts — by 2.5 times, and of mainline electric locomotives — by 1.4 times, of radar, radio navigation and radio remote control equipment — by 1.7 times.

The Sverdlovsk Region is one of the five leading drug producing regions in Russia. The annual pharmaceutical output of the region amounts to 1% of the domestic pharmaceutical market and about 7% of the region’s chemical production. The region manufactures more than 1.5 thousand items of medicines and medical substances. The index of the production of chemicals and chemical products in 2019 amounted to 112.9%  in comparison to 2018.


Large-scale work dedicated to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises was carried out in the Sverdlovsk Region in 2019, as part of the implementation of the national project “Small and Medium-sized Business and Supporting an Individual Entrepreneurial Initiative” (звучит коряво, нужен русский вариант), developed in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated May 7, 2018.

The main areas of implementation of the national project were: simplifying tax reporting, expanding access to property on favorable terms, activating digital support platforms and simplifying access to financial resources, improving the procurement system by state-owned companies, developing agricultural cooperation and modernizing the support system for exporters, as well as developing tourism .

In the field of entrepreneurship development, the Sverdlovsk Region keeps its position among the five leading constituent entities of the Russian Federation in terms of the key indicators characterizing the development of the small and medium-sized enterprises sector:

  1. the total number of small and medium-sized enterprises (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs) — 5th place (after Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Krasnodar Territory and the Moscow Region);
  2. the number of employees in small and medium-sized enterprises and in the segment of individual entrepreneurship — 5th place (after Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Moscow region and the Krasnodar Territory);
  3. cash flow (revenue) of the small and medium-sized enterprises sector (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs) — 5th place (after Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Moscow region and the Krasnodar Territory).

A significant event in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region was the creation of the country’s first Franchising Center, which provides advice, training and services for the selection, packaging and promotion of franchises (108 companies received consultations, 50 startups participated in training, 9 franchises were packaged, regional franchises were included in the register of franchises (33 brands as of now) and  promoted).

Motto: Invest in Ural

Evgeny Kuyvashev, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region

Dear colleagues,

The International industrial exhibition INNOPROM is the renowned brand of the Sverdlovsk region, a key event in the Russian sphere of business and innovations.

Throughout the years the exhibition has transformed into a large-scale platform for discussion and trade and has acquired the status of one of the most efficient instruments of the export development of Russia’s industrial manufacturing. More than 370 agreements for the total amount of approximately 500 billion rubles have been concluded at the International industrial exhibition INNOPROM.

Last year more than 45,000 people visited the exhibition in Ekaterinburg. Over 600 companies from 22 countries became exhibitors, representatives of 90 countries participated in the business program.

INNOPROM celebrated its 10 year anniversary last year. The key topic for  discussion at the exhibition was digitalization as the main direction of industrial technology development and a way to increase production efficiency.

Global events, that have been affecting the economy worldwide in 2020, have clearly demonstrated the relevance of the issue of industrial digital transformation. The approaches to the organization of production are being revised everywhere, including the transfer of some work processes to online. This has increased the demand for the development of appropriate software products and services, a new level of information security and highly qualified experts.

In spurecif difficulties, risks and challenges existing nowadays we should see great prospects, positive future and we must be ready to take a step towards it. The process of transition to Industry 4.0 under normal conditions would have taken years. In fact, this period of economic turbulence has already become a catalyst to rapid digitalization of various services, implementation of new technologies and business practices, as well as an extra stimulus for uniting the professional community in order to solve new important tasks.

These tasks will be discussed in the frames of INNOPROM which will be held in a completely new format this year. In 2020 the Sverdlovsk region became the general partner of the project “INNOPROM online — the industry in the digital era”, aimed at sharing experiences and demonstrating cutting-edge achievements in the field of digital industrial technologies, which will constitute the future of the global industry.

I am confident that discussions throughout this project will prove interesting and fruitful and will lead us to efficient solutions ensuring a new level of industrial development in the digital and the New quality of life!



Minister of Investment and Development of the Sverdlovsk Region

Victoria Vladimirovna Kazakova

Tel: +7 (343) 362-17-66, +7 (343) 312-00-31 (int. 001)

E-mail: mir@е


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