IT KVAR LLC is a Russian manufacturer and system integrator of IT solutions, resident of the High-Tech Technopark “Universitetsky”.


IT KVAR LLC is a Russian manufacturer and system integrator of IT solutions, resident of the High-Tech Technopark “Universitetsky”.

In 2019 the company celebrated its 5-year anniversary. As time goes on, markets are developing, but we still consider our priority to improve the quality of life and activities of domestic enterprises and residents of our country, so most of our projects are implemented in Russia.

Our values ​​are to constantly develop and keep up with the fashion, to offer not only interesting and efficient, but also truly useful solutions, to our customers, as well as ensure professional growth, safe working conditions and financial stability for our team.

Company news

The main news of 2020: the company successfully completed the first part of the development project in a new technological field — bionic devices.

We started implementing this project in 2019 within the framework of our traditional program of work with young specialists, having received not only a promising employee, but also his initiative in the form of a socially significant project on the topic of accessible environment, which needed investment and development.

The name of the development is “Hardware and software complex IT KVAR MIEL”. The product belongs to the class of bionic systems and is a hardware-software complex for voice communication by translating from sign language, which is designed for people with hearing and speech disabilities. You can find the product overview in the catalogue section of this showroom.

Competitive advantages

  • high qualification in the field of system architecture of projects
  • extensive experience in the complex large-scale information systems
  • ability to implement products and provide full-cycle services
  • highly personalized customer solutions
  • cooperation with the consideration of customer organizational characteristics (regardless of scale)
  • comprehensive support for the implementation and use of company products (at the pre-design, design, warranty and post-warranty stages)

Detailed range of products

A key technology area is IoT.

Main Products:

  • Intelligent multiservice networks — hardware and software complex “IT KVAR OPRAVa”;
  • Intelligent transport system — hardware and software complex “IT KVAR RECRACE”.


  • Cloud platforms and services — hardware and software complex “IT KVAR OCLOUD”;
  • Bionic systems — the hardware and software complex “IT KVAR MIEL”.


  • conceptual planning, design and survey work on the development of information technology infrastructure of industrial enterprises, trade organizations, state authorities and local self-government;
  • all types of work on the creation and development of IT systems (using both hardware and software kits of our own production, as well as third-party solutions);
  • support of IT systems and their users (service, consulting, refining works to meet the needs of customers).

Evgenia Strekalova, General Manager

«Good afternoon! IT KVAR Company is pleased to welcome the participants of INNOPROM 2020! We have been working in the field of information technology and communications since 2014. Our profile is the development of hardware and software systems for the implementation of digital services and information system management. We hope that even under the current conditions that are undoubtedly difficult for business, the IT market will receive a new impetus for transformation and innovative development. We invite you to cooperation, we are always happy to have new customers and partners!»

Marina Rezaeva
Deputy Director General, IT Kvar LLC
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Vladislav Noskov
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Daniil Kazantsev
Head of Development (“Bionic Systems”), IT Kvar LLC
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