PitON Electric is an electrotechnical company that works with busbar systems, uninterruptible power systems and cable support systems.


PitON Electric is a Russian manufacturing electrotechnical company founded in 2011 in Ekaterinburg. As of now, the company has three product lines: busbar systems, uninterruptible power systems and cable support systems.

Since its foundation the company has implemented more than 500 objects and developed more than 100 unique solutions. The facilities that trusted our systems with safety and reliability include Kalashnikov Concern, Ekaterinburg Central Stadium, EXPO Congress Center, Hermitage museum, Almaz Antey Concern and many others.

Today, the company has branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhnekamsk and 2 manufacturing sites.

PitON is a member of the Construction Union of the Sverdlovsk Region, a member of the Energy Committee of the Sverdlovsk Region, a visiting expert at regional events. Each year, the company invests up to 5% of its cash flow in research and development, constantly improving technical specifications, increasing reliability, efficiency and quality.

Company news

This year the company has been working on the implementation of a number of new solutions and developments, some of them are currently at the stage of execution of a patent.

Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) by PitON have passed the tests at the Central Scientific Research Institute of Communications of St. Petersburg, and their excellent characteristics are confirmed by the protocol. PitON has also become one of the leading suppliers of a major communications provider, having implemented more than 4,000 UPS in Russia.

As for busbar systems, the company has successfully developed and implemented a new product of CRM series (for voltage class 35 kV and higher).

Competitive advantages

PitON has many years of experience working with global manufacturers of electrotechnical products. We have achieved excellent characteristics of products and supplemented them with unique parameters.

Today, PitON products have a localization level of about 99%. Production processes are automated, which allows the company to produce products in record time. At the same time, product quality remains at the highest level. In support of this, the company has a number of certificates and test protocols, and each series of manufactured equipment is tested.

The warranty period for equipment is above the market average, and technical and service support is provided throughout the entire operational lifetime.

Another important distinction is that the company does not simply sell products, but provides a complete solution, guaranteeing assemblability and efficiency. Engineering, technical and design centers provide support during the whole project.

The company has been awarded a medal from the Energy Committee of the Perm Region “For Contribution to Improving the Energy Efficiency of the Region”, and also has received official gratitude from the Energy Committee of the Sverdlovsk Region “For Assistance and Effective Participation in the Committee’s Activities”.

Detailed range of products:

The company has three main product lines and provides a wide range of services.

Product lines:

1. PitON busbar systems have a current range from 400 A to 8,500 A, ip level from 54 to 68. Considering the requirements, conditions and purposes, three series were developed: Е3, CR1, CRM (solution using an innovative compound for voltage class 35 kV and higher), А5, L1, ET.

2. Uninterruptible power systems are designed for all power using equipment, regardless of the loading conditions.

  • Single-phase systems from 600 VA to 10 kW: M, T, RT series.
  • Three-phase systems from 10 kW to 3 MW: XT, XM series.
  • Uninterruptible power supply cabinet (a unique solution with customized characteristics and dimensions).

3. Cable support systems for various purposes: fireproof, resistant to aggressive environments.

Services: design, documentation, installation supervision, service center, training center for partners and much more.

Company’s motto:

“Power up your networks through PitON. PitON provides the best solutions for the best buildings”.

Sergey Sergeevich Yurchenko, Commercial Director:

Our client can be any energy-intensive enterprise where there is a large electrical load. 

Klimenty Popov
Leading Technical and Commercial Representative, PITON (ENERGO-RS, LLC)
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Vladlen Barsky
Leading Specialist in Uninterruptible Power Systems, PITON (ENERGO-RS, LLC)
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