ReinnolC: engineering company with unique experience in calculation and production of heat-exchange equipment and flow control equipment


ООО “Reinnolc” is an engineering company with unique experience in calculation and production of heat-exchange equipment and flow control equipment for different branches of industry.

“ReinnolC” is a resident of an innovation center “Skolkovo” (OOO “ReinnolC Lab”), as well as a resident of technological cluster of high-tech solutions in Sverdlovsk Region. “ReinnolC” is a finalist of a Top-10 innovational energy companies competition (Roscongress) and the “TechUspekh-2019” rating participant.

Products produced by ООО “Reinnolc”, are used in such fields as: energetics, oil extraction, gas extraction, oil processing, gas processing, petrochemistry, metallurgy, chemical industry, pulp-and-paper industry, etc.

The company deals with development and implementation of unique hi-tech power efficient heat exchangers with an increased coefficient of heat transmission corresponding to customers` requests. Due to implementation of a unique profile of heat-exchange surfaces a growth of heat conductance is provided, as well as small size of equipment, considerable decrease of ownership cost, increased reliability and exploitation safety.

Company news

In 2020 the company became one of the finalists of a Top-10 innovation energy companies competition, being held by “Roskongress” Fund with the help of Energy Department of the Russian Federation. Based on the results of 2019 “Reinnolc” became a “TechUspekh” rating participant in nomination “Small enterprises” (a single company, which got this honor in Sverdlovsk Region), the rating being held with the help and support of Economic Development Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Apart from this, in 2020 the company has developed, produced and prepared for export a new product, airfree deaerator DeGasExer™ DV for the purposes of Rudninskaya heat power plant (Kazkhstan Republic).

During several years an average annual company growth is more than 20 percent, which, in its turn enabled ООО “Reinnolc” to get the status of a fast-growing pioneer company, in accordance with estimation of Corporation of Small and Medium Business Development (MSP Corporation).

Competitive advantage

ReinnolC technology enables to drastically decrease the surface of heat exchange, which, in its turn leads to decrease of mass, dimensions and capital costs for purchasing and equipment mounting.

Operational performance of OOO “ReinnolC” heat exchangers is much better than operational performance of traditional heat exchangers. The heat exchangers have an increased wear resistance, their dimensions and mass are smaller than dimensions and mass of analogical equipment and coefficient of heat conductivity is 1.5 times up to 2 times higher.

Growth of heat conductivity, decrease of equipment dimensions, considerable decrease of ownership costs, increase in reliability and exploitation safety are provided by realization of design and construction solutions.

Detailed range of products

The enterprise deals with design and production of hi-tech power-efficient heat exchangers with increased coefficient of heat conductivity and resistant to aggressive exposure to environment, as well as designs and produces flow control equipment.

Due to usage of unique profile of heat conductive surfaces, calculation method and usage of special coatings resistant to aggressive exposure to environment, the heat conductivity growth is provided, as well as small equipment dimensions, considerable decrease in ownership costs, increase in reliability and exploitation safety.

The parameters of each product are unique because they are being developed and designed in accordance with the customers’ requests and taking into account particular technical parameters: flow rate, pressure and temperature.

This equipment is widely used in technological processes by energy companies, metallurgical companies, oil processing companies, petrochemistry companies and others, being technological, as well as accessory quick-wearing equipment, especially when being worked with aggressive mediums.

Pavel Alexandrovich Blokhin, OOO “ReinnolC” General Manager


Sergey Radishevsky
Development and FEA Director, ООО “Reinnolc”
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