Signal-Pack is a leading Russian manufacturer of packaging and processing equipment for the food industry.


Signal-Pack is a leading Russian manufacturer of packaging and processing equipment for the food industry. The company has been in the industry for over 29 years, since 1991.

Signal-Pack is distinguished by:

  • a case-by-case approach to each client;
  • reasonable prices;
  • high-quality service and equipment;
  • an ability to solve the complex tasks related to supplying packaging and processing equipment (e.g. designing and building complete packaging lines);
  • an effective approach to unconventional tasks according to the client’s technical requirement;
  • an up-to-3-years warranty on equipment

All equipment produced by the company is designed according to the clients’ needs, wishes and capabilities.

The company’s highly qualified employees undertake the rigorous work of comprehensively analyzing the needs and abilities of all clients, of consulting them, and of designing, producing and delivering the optimal equipment for each customer.

Designers and technologists work constantly on perfecting existing models and developing new promising projects.

The geographical range of the company’s customers is wide and includes businesses from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Israel, Armenia, Lithuania, Moldova, Estonia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Spain, Germany, the United States, Canada, Thailand, Australia and Japan.

The company was named the Sverdlovsk Region’s Exporter of the Year in the field of high-tech in 2019.

Competitive advantages

An undeniable advantage is the company’s ability to manufacture equipment that would allow a business of any size, from large to small, to make its production as efficient and effective as possible within the existing budget.

The company’s wealth of experience, its own manufacturing base, and a designing and engineering department equipped with up-to-date software allow it to find the best solutions to the most complex tasks of design and production.

The complete range of production:

  • vertical packaging machines;

  • weight dosing dispensers (linear, combined, screw, bucket);

  • shock freezing and cooling systems;

  • group packaging equipment;

  • bag forming equipment;

  • equipment for producing any food made of dough and with a filling, with output ranging from 50 to 1,200 kg/h (khinkali, samsas, pies, tortellini, ravioli, dumplings, chebureki, flapjacks, pierogi, zrazy, cutlets, syrniki, etc.);

  • equipment for cleaning, washing, drying, calibrating and packing fruit and vegetables;

  • food grade pumps;

  • denesters and product handlers;

  • transportation systems;

  • weight controlling systems;

  • daters and applicators;

  • processing equipment;

  • turn-key complete packaging lines for various branches of the food industry

Sergey Manikhin, CEO


Dmitry Pradun
Commercial Director, Signal-Pack
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