JSC “Production Association “Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant named after Mr. E.S. Yalamov”

JSC “Production Association “Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant named after Mr. E.S. Yalamov” produces medical, lighting, geodetic equipment, as well as optical surveillance systems.


JSC “Production Association “Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant named after Mr. E.S. Yalamov” is one of the key organizations of Shvabe JSC holding company, a member of Rostekh state corporation. While fulfilling the diversification policy and strategy, the enterprise manufactures a wide variety of hi-tech products: medical, lighting and geodetic equipment, as well as optical surveillance systems.

The enterprise has a high research and technology potential along with powerful modern production base with a vertically integrated structure of foundry, machining, optical, microelectronic, galvanic, finishing and specialized assembly production. Technological conversions allow the plant to complete the full cycle of production on its own capacities.

Company news

In 2020 Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant helped to fight COVID-19 pandemic. Respiratory therapy apparatuses by JSC “PA “UOMP”, as well as their components were delivered to medical institutions in several regions of Russia.

To meet the needs of hospitals a number of respiratory therapy products were modernized: the construction of Tevlar respiratory humidifier was improved which allowed the plant to increase the number of manufactured products while dropping the price and maintaining their quality. 

JSC “PA “UOMP” satisfies the demands of cliniques for the components of devices for artificial ventilation: air handling units that are typical devices for humidifying and providing pure oxygen to a patient with a set flow.

OFN-03 neonatal irradiator for the ultra-intensive therapy of newborns became the first medical apparatus authorized to be released and marketed within the Eurasian Economic Union.

8 employees of JSC “PA “UOMP” received awards from the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov, and the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region, Evgeny Kuyvashev, for their achievements in creating medical devices and personal protective equipment in order to localize the spread of coronavirus infection.

Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant is involved in the implementation of 9 national projects: Healthcare, Safe and High-Quality Roads, Digital Economy, Housing and Urban Environment, International Cooperation and Export, Labor Productivity and Employment Support , Science, Education, Demography.

Company awards

Products manufactured by JSC “PA “UOMP” received awards of international exhibitions: 3 medals at the salon “Archimedes 2019”, an award of the International Innovation Exhibition in Toronto and a medal of the Seoul International Invention Fair SIIF 2019, as well as 3 medals at the salon “Archimedes 2020”.

Competitive advantages

Products manufactured by JSC “PA “UOMP” compete on equal terms with world leading manufacturers. Medical equipment is installed in almost every obstetric institution in Russia, as well as in clinics of the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

The high export potential of the enterprise is ensured by CE certificates of European quality for 14 medical devices of the plant. In addition, in the far-abroad countries where UOMP products are delivered (Indonesia, Germany, Greece, and others) together with the exclusive distributors the company created a reliable network of after sales service for medical devices and specialist training.

Detailed range of products

JSC “PA “UOMP” performs the full production cycle including design, trial production, serial production, sales and aftersales service.

Medical equipment includes incubators, phototherapy irradiators and other apparatuses for the treatment of newborns, as well as respiratory therapy and resuscitation devices.

The line of energy-saving LED lighting products, such as household, office and street lamps, as well as LED traffic lights and railroad modules, are widely used for urban infrastructure modernization in Russia and the near abroad countries.

Geodetic products today are presented by leveling units, optical mechanical theodolites, electronic tacheometers, as well as highly accurate geodetic satellite equipment which allows clients to carry out the survey in the field under any conditions independent of the line of sight.

Company motto: “The company’s activities are aimed at increasing the potential of Russian instrument manufacture, creating high-tech products, including medical equipment, energy-saving lighting equipment, general industrial devices and components, and security systems that are competitive in the world market.”

Anatoly Sludnykh, General Director of JSC “PA “UOMP”:

UOMZ annually takes part in the INNOPROM forums, presenting the latest examples of civil products. Despite the new format of the event, I am confident that this year the forum will once again become the basis for new promising projects.

Artem Burak
Deputy Director of the Department for the Promotion and Sales of Civilian Products, Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant
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