АО “Uralvagonzavod” Corporate Group” is one of the major Russian machine building complexes.


АО “Uralvagonzavod” Corporate Group” is one of the major Russian machine building complexes. The enterprises of “UVZ” integrated structure produce range of products including devices for different purposes and attributed to army, railroads, city infrastructure, road and construction facilities, agricultural sector, space and aircraft industries, and oil and gas industry.  
Today the integrated structure of “UVZ” includes more than 25 industrial enterprises, design offices and research and development centers. In addition to this the major part of the Corporate Group facilities is located at the territory of the Sverdlovsk Region. AO “Research, development and production corporation “Uralvagonzavod”, the leading enterprise of railway coach manufacturing and the main producer of armored vehicles is located In Nizhny Tagil town. AO “Research, development and production corporation “Uralvagonzavod” is also a unique producer of cryogenic equipment for space industry and transport equipment.
In Yekaterinburg “Uralvagonzavod” Corporate Group is represented by two companies. One of them is АО “Uraltransmash”, the producer of light rail transit, low-floor trams on innovative self-engineered cart, as well as the producer of equipment for mining industry and products designed for military application. The second one is АО “Plant number 9”, producing, apart from military products, the products designed for railroad industry.  
The Corporate Group contributes considerably to development of Russian machine building via its innovative engineering. The Sverdlovsk Region enterprises of the Corporate Group are major producers of innovative carriages with increased lift capacity, also, they produce a wide range of special-purpose devices. Many of these special-purpose devices are unique: hopper carriages, thermos carriages, log trucks, platforms for nuclear industry.  
During the recent years “Uralvagonzavod” Corporate Group has made a major breakthrough, having demonstrated the highest research and technology and human resource potential. Today “UVZ”, having demonstrated the fastest growth among the enterprises of Russian military-industrial complex, is listed in international ratings of military technics and weaponry producers.  
“Uralvagonzavod” constantly sets new and new ambitious goals. The Corporate Group faces challenges of producing perspective devices designed both for military and civil purposes. We also aim to assert our market position and to win new markets.
Competence of AO “Uralvagozavod” Corporate Group” enterprises enables us to take part in realization of national projects in shipments of a wide range of products designed for civil purposes:

  • in national projects “Safe and qualitative automobile roads” and “Ecology” take part tram carriages;
  • in national project “Complex plan of modernization and increase of trunk infrastructure up to 2024” take part railroad freight cars and multi-purpose vehicle ТМВ-2;
  • in national project “Safe and qualitative automobile roads” takes part road construction technics.

Competitive advantages

АО “Uralvagonzavod” Corporate Group” is a Russian strategic enterprise and is a part of “Rostec” Russian State Corporation. The holding company comprises enterprises, design offices, research and development centers performing full range of activities – from development and production of products designed for civil purposes (such as railroad freight carriages, tram carriages, road construction technics) up to maintenance and products realization, provision with spare parts and completing units, as well as maintenance service during the whole life time. All of these beneficially distinguishes AO “Uralvagonzavod” Corporate Group” from its competitors.

Detailed range of products

AO “Research, development and production corporation “Uralvagonzavod”:

  • open-top wagons, including open-top wagons on a stamp-welded cart;
  • universal platform-wagons and special-purpose wagons, including fitting wagons and wagons designed for container transportation; 
  • hopper carriages for shipments of mineral fertilizers, grain and pellets;
  • cistern-wagons for oil products, chemical products, oleum, technical sulphuric acid, food products;
  • autonomic refrigerator carriage;
  • dumpers;
  • spare parts for a rolling stock.

 АО “Uraltransmash”:

  • tram carriages being produced batchwise, models 71-407, 71-409, 71-411, 71-415, 71-418 and perspective tram carriages with models  71-411-03, 71-419;
  • oil-extracting equipment (swing machines) and maintenance service.

АО “Uralkriomash”:

  • cistern wagons, container-cisterns for cryogenic products and non-cryogenic products;
  • immobile cryogenic tanks and gasifiers.


  • harvesters and harvester heads.

АО “Plant number 9”: services in machining of railroad wheelsets axis.


Alexander Valerievich Potapov, the head of the company


Alexey Serkov
Commercial Director, Uraltransmash
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Alexander Baranov
Director General, Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering
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Dmitry Bunkov
Chief Designer of Civilian Products, Uraltransmash
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Yury Korovin
Deputy Commercial Director for Sales, Uralkriomash
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Alexander An
Deputy General Director for Development, Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering
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Mikhail Kislyak
Project Manager for the Development of Civilian Products, Plant No. 9
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UKBTM — harvesters and harvester heads
Uralkriomash — cryogenic equipment
Uraltransmash — tram carriages and oilfield equipment
Catalogue of railroad technics and completing units

Launch of the tram model 71-411 to Yevpatoriya
Tram production of АО “Uralvagonzavod”
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