ZAO “Uraltekhfiltr Engineering”

ZAO “Uraltekhfiltr Engineering” develops and produces removable, filter, separating, coagulative and coaescent elements for decontamination of gaseous mediums and fluid mediums, as well as for interfacial segregation of mediums.


“Uraltekhfiltr Engineering” private company limited by shares (ZAO “UTFI”) is a specialized production company dealing with development and production of removable, filter, separating, coagulative and coaescent elements for decontamination of gaseous mediums and fluid mediums, as well as for interfacial segregation of mediums. The enterprise is a member of SME (small and medium-sized enterprises).

Production subdivision of ZAO “UTFI”, “Uraltekhfiltr Plant” is located in the city of Degtyarsk and it is one of the main manufacturing enterprises and the largest taxpayer in the city

Wide range of products enables us to offer a variety of solutions for different branches of industry. However, the major line of business is production of filter products for the requirements of oil and gas enterprises.

Since the time the company was founded and during the last 20 years, we have been making efforts in the field of import substitution. We got the production of 54 series of filter elements up and running, it is more than 5 000 of alternate designs and more than 10 000 standard sizes.

The company possesses many years of experience in shipments of its products to the enterprises of major Russian oil and gas holding companies, such as PAO “Gazprom”, PAO “NK “Rosneft”, PAO “LUKOIL”, PAO “SIBUR Holding”. The shipments are being made both under the terms and conditions of direct contracts, as well as via service companies.

ZAO “UTFI” ships a wide range of filter elements for export. Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Transnistria, Tanzania and Congo are the countries where the products of the company have been functioning for many years already.

In 2019 ZAO “UTFI” became the third Russian producer whose products have permission for application for the purpose of ground processing of jet fuel at the Russian Federation civil aviation objects.

The enterprise quality management system is certified for compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2015 in the GAZPROMSERT system. All the products undergo the procedure of voluntary certification in the system of GOST R. The work at certification in INTERGAZSERT system has begun, as well as work at including Russian producers of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade into register.

The company`s specialists perform work on products of “NAT” series certification for compliance with EI 1581 requirements. The work is being carried out with European Institute of Energetics (Great Britain).

Company news

During the last year we have purchased and launched into exploitation more than 20 units of new production equipment, we have launched into exploitation 1 700 square meters of new production facilities and warehouses.

Competitive advantages

  • High quality of products, confirmed by experimental tests and certification tests, and by consumers` references.

  • Wide range of products, enabling us to offer a variety of solutions for different industry branches.

  • Due to implementation of modern special-purpose equipment and automation of manufacturing methods we use modern technologies.

  • Highly competitive prices. The company`s approach towards price setting is as follows: filter elements are consumables, which should not be expensive. Choice of best suitable materials and technological solutions enables us to decrease the cost, in the meantime providing high quality of end-user performance.

  • Due to our active participation in the program of import substitution we have managed to effectively substitute expensive foreign completing units. By using our knowledge, our own and world experience, the enterprise produces technological analogues and dimension analogues. We achieve this without copying foreign products, but implementing state-of-the-art technological solutions and using our own criteria based on system modeling of treatment process.

  • Our own cyclical turnaround of products production enables us to be flexible and meet the requirements of our customers.

  • Niche specialization enables us to make our range of products wider, as well as get requests for limited or even single-time production of equipment.

  • Many years of experience in using products of ZAO “UTFI” at Russian and foreign enterprises dealing with different industry branches, as well as positive references from our customers. All of these characterizes the enterprise as a reliable supplier and makes the consumers trust us.

Detailed range of products

Removable filter elements for:

  • oil well gas and associated gas;
  • Industrial oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, compression oil and engine oil;
  • all kinds of liquid hydrocarbon fuel, including jet fuel;
  • nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, and all other industrial gases;
  • acids, caustic soda, organic solvents;
  • amines and glycols;
  • cooling agents and heat-carrying agents;
  • Plant air and aspiration air.

Company motto: “Cleanness of your product is our profession!”

Ivan Alexandrovich Zaichikov, General Manager:

I`m glad to greet the organizers, participants and guests of the online project of the International industrial exhibition ‘INNOPROM’ — ‘INNOPROM ONLINE. Industry in digital epoch’. We have never participated in an online exhibition, it is an interesting experience, and we hope for a positive outcome

Alexey Dolganov
Commercial Director, ZAO “Uraltekhfiltr Engineering”
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