The Ural Turbine Works

The Ural Turbine Works is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the power engineering industry.


he Ural Turbine Works is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the power engineering industry. The plant was founded in 1938. Since then the plant has installed 914 steam turbines and 573 gas turbines of various types.

UTW equipment has been reliably working in 27 countries. Quite a few machines developed by the plant have become milestones in the domestic power engineering industry. Thus, in recent years, the Ural Turbine Works has produced the most powerful T-295 heating turbine, a variety of turbine models for the combined cycle and waste incineration plants, and power plants for modern nuclear icebreakers.

Company news

  • UTW is implementing a large-scale project of updating the generation equipment of Ulan-Bator CHP-4 — the plant is working on the modernisation of 4 power-generating units of the CHP. The equipment of capacity of up to 469 MW will be installed which is 59 MV higher than the capacity of the CHP at the moment. Thus, the capacity of the station will be upgraded to 592 MV (together with the Ural turbine installed in 2015) which amounts to 60% of the total capacity of Mongolia’s power system.

  • UTW has started the manufacture of products that are new for Russia’s machine building: the company produces turbines for waste incineration plants that are under construction in the Moscow region. Two out of four turbines have already been delivered to the customer.

  • UTW is developing a unique project of the reconstruction of K-150-130 turbines with an increase in the electric power of the turbine, as well as the organization of the necessary heating and production tests. The turbine will acquire a new marker PT-150/160-12.8, and potentially its power capacity will be 170 MV. One of the main characteristics of the heating turbine unit is the full use of the existing foundation of the condensation machine and the placement of all equipment in the existing cell of the turbine building.

Competitive advantages

The plant annually produces up to 14 sets of turbine equipment of various modifications for both Russian and foreign power plants. The share of the plant’s products accounting for exports is 40-50%.

In recent years, almost 2 billion rubles have been invested in updating production capacities. Welding and blade production were renewed, large machines of the main processing production were modernized.

1,100 employees of high qualification work at the plant. A unique design bureau was created. Every year it develops the project of a new steam turbine. 59 patents have already been registered since 2004.

Ural turbines of the new series are equipped to be connected with the PRANA predictive analytics system by default.

Detailed range of products

Today, the UTW produces condensing and heating turbines for steam power plants, steam turbines for combined cycle power units, marine type turbines for ships with nuclear power plants, power island equipment for waste incineration plants. In addition, the plant provides maintenance and modernization of power equipment services.

Company motto: “Creating energy”

Igor Sorochan, CEO:

Greetings to the participants of the International Industrial Marathon INNOPROM. Every year we present a new turbine project at INNOPROM — it is already a good tradition for us. This year we will communicate in a new online format. Nevertheless, I am sure that, as in previous years, the forum will remain the driver of the technological development of Russia

Danil Stepanov
Deputy Director of Sales, The Ural Turbine Works
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