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ООО “Vector-MS” specializes in development, production and trading of equipment for different medical fields.


ООО “Vector-MS” is an innovative company, which has among its other assets a design office, a pilot-line production, a medical and technical department, marketing and distribution departments and a maintenance department. The company specializes in development, production and trading with equipment for cardiology, functional diagnostics, blood supply service, physiotherapy, traumatology and rehabilitation medicine, and rehabilitation.

Company news

Modernization of three apparatus was completed: ЭСП-01, ЧЭЭКС-3, ЧЭЭКСп-3 “Vector-MS”. Also, we are developing a new apparatus ЭКС-ВН-23 “Vector-MS”.

Competitive advantages

The competitive advantages are our own unique pilot projects, our own production, quality guarantee, warranty maintenance and post-warranty maintenance. 30 years on the market.

Detailed range of products

Temporary (external) electrocardiostimulators: ЭКС-ВН-12 “Vector-MS”, ЭКС-ВП-3 “Vector-MS”, ЧЭЭКС-3 “Vector-MS”, ЧЭЭКСп-3 “Vector-MS”, ЧЭЭКС-5 “Vector-MS”; analgesic electrostimulator ЭСП-01 “Vector-MS” (the stimulator was developed in collaboration with A.A. Gerasimov, PhD in Medicine, Professor). Electrical wheelchair bike attachment “Vector”.

Company motto: “Healthy pace of living”

Yuriy Evgenievich Kazantsev, General Manager:

Since 1993 the enterprise has developed and implemented to serial production more than 10 kinds of medical devices. In accordance with the results of research dissertations and design process we have also got 6 patents. By taking part in this exhibition we hope to promote our products to foreign markets. 

Elena Rychkova
Executive Director, ООО “Vector-MS”
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One- and two-chambered ECS ЭКС-ВН-12 "Vector-MS"

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