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VMP is a leading Russian manufacturer of industrial paint and varnish products.


The VMP research and development holding company is a leading Russian manufacturer of industrial paint and varnish materials. The VMP coatings are in demand at the largest enterprises and construction sites, and are used throughout Russia as well as abroad. The quality of the materials lives up to international standards.

The catalogue includes over 70 types of materials of the company’s own design: anti-corrosion coatings, flame retardants, polymer floor coatings.

Since 1991, materials manufactured by the company have protected over 90 million square metres of surface areas.

The manufacturing capacity exceeds 20,000 tons of output produced per year. The company has 26 sales offices in Russia and abroad. Over 200 studies of VMP materials performed by more than 35 sectoral institutions and test centers guarantee their high quality.

The company has over 2,500 regular clients, including Gazprom, Rosneft, Transneft, Lukoil, SIBUR, EVRAZ, UGMK, Nornickel, Russian Railways, RusHydro, Rosatom, Roscosmos and others.


  • A new VMP plant design received the “Best design of an industrial facility” prize.

  • VMP President Mikhail Vakhrushev was awarded the title of Honored Entrepreneur of Sverdlovsk Region.

  • The holding company was granted the status of a Russian Manufacturer, with the VMP materials included into the Inventory of industrial products manufactured on Russian soil.

  • The company has become a participant in the Industrial Export regional project, which is an integral part of the International Cooperation and Exports national project.

  • Since the beginning of 2020, new materials have been announced for release: interoperational primer ISOLEP-SP-03, deactivatable enamel VINIKOR EP-5285, epoxyurethane composite ISOLEP-epoline, ISOLEP-pro primer for concrete, a fireproofing system of a thin-layer composite constructive flame retardant and PLAMKOR-6.

  • In 2021 the holding company will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Competitive advantages

  • The company has established itself as a proven and reliable supplier.

  • The VMP materials are competitive on the world stage.

  • The VMP coatings are effective, simple, convenient, and provide long-term protection of installations.

  • Most materials can be applied in a wide range of weather conditions, incl. in below-zero temperatures and high humidity.

  • The high quality of the output is ensured by its enormous scientific potential and by the company’s advanced production facilities, highly qualified personnel and certification to the ISO 9001 standard.

  • The quality of VMP coatings is confirmed by the results of complex studies performed in leading specialized sectoral institutions.

  • Pre- and after-sales service (advising on the choice and application of coating, an engineer visiting the site).

The full range of production

  • Anti-corrosion materials of the protective (zinc-filled), passivating (corrosion-inhibiting) and isolating varieties based on epoxide, polyurethane and other polymers. Service life of up to 30 years and beyond.

  • Flame retardants of the intumescent, constructive and composite constructive varieties. Fire resistance time of up to 240 minutes.

  • Polymer floors of the antistatic, highly filled and thin-layer varieties.

VMP provides wide-ranging and high-quality service at every stage of business. The company’s employees are mindful of every client and always prepared to find the most effective solution. The customers may take advantage of the following offers:

  • choice of optimal coating systems for various conditions;
  • feasibility study of the selection of materials;
  • development of project documentation for fireproofing systems;
  • organizing the delivery of products to any location;
  • provision of the regulatory and technical documentation on the products;
  • assistance in mastering the technology of utilizing the products;
  • application of protective materials;
  • inspection of the coating process and the quality of the final coating.


Mikhail Vakhrushev, president of VMP:

Greetings to all participants of INNOPROM ONLINE — 2020! I am certain that the new format of the exhibition will be no less effective than the old one. Once again it will attract a multitude of experts and serve as an excellent platform for demonstrating innovative designs and strengthening our business partnerships. Here’s to success and fruitful work!

Mikhail Bentsianov
Director of Industrial and Civil Construction, VMP
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Valery Mukhlynin
Director of Military Industrial Complex, VMP
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Igor Isaikin
Head of Engineering Support Department, VMP
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